Check List for Your Dallas Trip

Your coaching team and I look forward to seeing you in Dallas this Sunday, February 28, 2010.

Please arrive 15-30 minutes early to check in and get settled. We will begin promptly at 2:00. We have a lot to accomplish in our 3 1/2 hours together.

Please be sure to bring the following items with you:

1. Laptop, batteries, cords, mouse. We need everyone to be self-reliant with their own computer equipment; however, a few "loaner" laptops will be available for emergency use.

2. Your customized scripts / talking points for both your audio recording and your video recording. You should have received two base scripts - one for the audio and one for the video - to edit and "make your own" (earlier this week, from Mary Ellen Banta at Impact Communications). If you didn't get them or haven't customized them, don't worry, we will have hard copies at the boot camp and you can do quick edits there.

3. Ideas for your first "foundational entries" for your newly established blog and Twitter page. You can also just "get into the spirit" and create them in the moment while in the Content Creation Room in Dallas.

4. URLs, passwords and usernames for (a) your blog account (b) your Twitter account. You will need to get into both your blog and your Twitter accounts to post content.

5. Wear camera-ready attire on Sunday. We will be filming you.

6. Smiling face, alert mind, energy!

Don't worry if you don't have everything "perfect" before arriving in Dallas. Just be sure you have your basic blog and Twitter accounts established. A coach will be on hand in the Foundation Room to help you finish up that process if you have not had time to get through that entire set up process.

The goal of the boot camp is to show you how easy it is to create and upload content to your blog. We will also help you do your first couple of Tweets to draw traffic to your blog and/or website (or to other important articles).

If you need to hold back a little bit due to needing compliance approval first before going "live" with any audios, videos, text, etc., no worries. You can use this as a practice session - and, who knows, compliance may approve your content "as is" once they see it.

Here's contact info for my team:
  • (913) 649-5009 - Impact Communications Main Office (will route calls to me)
  • info@impactcommunications.org - (staff will respond and/or forward notes to me)
My team and I will be flying in to Dallas on Saturday 2/27/10 (today). We will be staying at the conference hotel so if you need to reach one of us, just call the front desk and ask to be connected with either Marie Swift or Quinn Law. We'll be on the premises as of 7 pm cst 2/27/10.

See you there! We are going to have a lot of fun creating and adding content to your newly established blog and Twitter pages.

Warm regards,

Marie Swift
President and CEO
Impact Communications, Inc.

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