Twitter Digest - A Baker's Dozen

Hey Boot Camp Graduates!

Here's a quick look at what I've been reading and tweeting about:
  1. Getting the Most Out of Twitter - good NY Times article - http://nyti.ms/dqg9cU
  2. Advisers aim to ramp up marketing spending - Investment News: http://bit.ly/cListy
  3. David Drucker profiles @brettellen #1 w/ Securities America multiple yrs - FA mag: http://www.fa-mag.com/fa-news/5252-strong-alliances.html
  4. Financial Planning mag: Special Report - Your Practice Management Questions Answered: How do I stand out? http://bit.ly/cmNxeH
  5. Happy to be home after a flurry of trips. Spoke at TD Ameritrade conf, #T3Show and #FPABizSol. Next up Tiburon CEO Summit to run press conf.
  6. Dare we try this? At least we can read this journalist's blog entries about her travails. No Spend Challenge Week 1 http://bit.ly/bPv7Td
  7. FinaMetrica offers risk-tolerance test online FREE thru April if use link www.riskprofiling.com/money (offer in conjunction with MONEY mag)
  8. Gauge your appetite for risk FinaMetrica’s 25-question risk-tolerance test www.myrisktolerance.com accurate measure psychological tolerance
  9. Good article on balancing appetite for investment risk and capacity for investment risk. http://tinyurl.com/riskprofile
  10. From @RIABiz: The FPA's practice management event #FPABizSol boasts two hot speakers in its first day http://www.riabiz.com/a/139166
  11. Wow! This is a GREAT site. Full of free worksheets and articles focused on creating Financial Happiness. http://www.financial-happiness.com
  12. Securities America Advisors Collaborate and Achieve Success - podcast with Paul Lofties, plus related news release: http://shar.es/m3JOb
  13. Estate Planning in 2010 - Good article by Kate McBride, editor, Wealth Manager: http://shar.es/m3iN
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